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Heating and Air Conditioning Replacements from Sears

Sears offers the Heating and A/C systems you need to keep your home comfortable year-round. Trust your local Sears heating and cooling contractor for quality work. With 18 months, no interest financing and a Free In-Home Estimate, Sears is the right choice in replacing your Heating and Air Conditioning systems.

Heating and A/C Replacements:

  • A full line of heating and cooling systems, including Carrier and Kenmore
  • 10 year product warranty protection***
  • Save up to 30% on annual heating and cooling costs with our ENERGY STAR® rated HVAC systems**2

The average service life of a whole house HVAC unit is 10-14 years. If your system is due for a replacement, now is the time to take advantage of the giant gains made in energy efficiency over the last decade. Trust your local Sears technician to get the job done right. Get started today. 

The Kenmore HVAC Brand

Kenmore LogoSince 1927, Kenmore has manufactured quality appliances for individual consumers. Sears has been selling furnaces for over 100 years, and they sold the first Kenmore HVAC system in 1977. The Kenmore brand is known for its quality, efficiency, and reliability. We install the following products from Kenmore: 

AC and HP Condensors

  • Standard system up to 15 SEER
  • Ultra-High Efficient 2-Stage Observer

Fan Coils

  • FSU4, FSM4, FEA4 Units
  • FEM4, FXM4 Units

Gas Furnaces

  • 8MTL 80% w/ 5-speed PSC blower
  • 8MXL 80% AFUE w/ ECM blower
  • 8MVL 80% AFUE w/ variable speed ECM blower
  • 9MPD 92.1% AFUE 
  • 9MPX/MPV/MVT - 92% AFUE w/ ECM blower
  • 9MVT/MVX/MXT/MXE 95+% AFUE w/ ECM blower
  • 9MAC 98% AFUE w/ ECM blower

Oil Furnaces

  • NOUF and NOLF - 80-86% AFUE efficient
  • NOMC, OMV, OLV w/ enhanced humidity control

Package Units

  • Choose from: A/C, Heat Pump, Dual Fuel, and Gas/Electric
  • High-efficiency ECM blower motor
  • Copeland Scroll compressor
  • PADS high-efficiency ECM blower
  • Enhanced humidity control
  • 2-stage Copeland Scroll compressors
Visit Kenmore Website

The Carrier HVAC Brand

Since 1902, Carrier has been an innovation leader in home central heating and air. Offering heating and air conditioners, furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, and indoor air quality products, Carrier has a full range of products for all of your home heating and air needs. Sears installs the following HVAC products from Carrier: 

AC and HP Condensors

  • 24A and 25H - Standard system up to 16 SEER
  • 25VNA - Variable speed ultra-high efficient

Fan Coils

  • FY5B, FF1E, FB4C Units - PSC 3-speed blower
  • FX4D - 3-speed ECM blower
  • FV4C - variable speed ECM blower, enhanced humidity control
  • FE4A, FE5A - infinity controller, enhanced humidity control, variable speed ECM blower

Gas Furnaces

  • 58STA/DLA/CTA - 80% AFUE w/ ECM Blower
  • 58PHA 80% AFUE w/ ECM Blower
  • 58CVA 80% AFUE w/ ECM Blower
  • 58MCB 92.1%-93% up to 95% AFUE w/ variable speed ECM blower
  • 58HDX up to 95% AFUE w/ multi-speed ECM Blower
  • 59SPS/TP5/TN6/MN7 - up to 97.4%, enhanced humidity control 

Oil Furnaces

  • 58 OBL/OBM w/ multi-speed direct drive PSC blower up to 86.6% AFUE
  • 58 OVL/OVM w/ variable speed ECM blower up to 86.6% AFUE

Package Units

  • Choose from A/C, Heat Pump, Gas/Electric, Dual Fuel
  • Copeland Scroll compressor
  • High-efficiency ECM or multi-speed PSC blower motor
  • Enhanced humidity control
  • 2-stage Copeland Scroll compressor
Visit Carrier Website

HVAC Preventive Maintenance 

Our healthy home solutions demo above can help select the filtration level right for you. To get started, click on the vertical tabs on the right to see what kind of things come along with the airflow from a central heating and air conditioning system and the kinds of filters that can limit that. On the filtration tab, click on the left and right arrows within the middle box to see the different types of filtration and blocking capability.

The UV Lights tab provides information on why this kind of filtration may be right for you and the Humidity tab has a fun, interactive tool that allows you to see the impact of humidity on temperature. Simply click a box that indicates the intersection between a temperature (across the top) and humidity (left side) to see the impact. For example, if you click on 87 in the grid, the display tells you at 90% humidity, 80 degrees really feels like 87 degrees.

Air Quality and Filtration

Part of your decision on a new heating and air conditioning system is how important air quality to you. If you have someone in your household with breathing problems or allergies, then the answer may be very important. Perhaps you live near a road where a lot of dust is generated which you would like to keep from entering your home. Regardless of the level of filtration you need, we have systems that will fit your lifestyle.

The filtration system you use can trap some or most of the particles that might get through including pollen, bacteria, plant spores, dust, lint, animal dander, tobacco smoke and even UV light. Depending on your choice of filter, as little of 5-8% up to 99% of these particles are filtered out.

Sears Home Services offers a variety of filtration systems including electronic air cleaners, UV light systems and our best product, the Infinity Air Purifier, that filters up to 99% of allergens and kills common household pet and other unpleasant odors.

Read More

Interactive Air Flow Tool 

One important element of the system you choose is how the air flows through your home. As the system turns on and off during hot and cold periods, temperatures fluctuate and certain areas of the home may experience “hot and cold” spots. Our variable air flow units help reduce these issues by allowing differing air flows in different rooms depending on the temperature and system type.

Use the interactive air flow tool below to view how this works

  • First select the type of heating and air conditioning system you are interested in from the top menu bar (dual fuel, package system, etc.)
  • Turn “on” or “off” the two stage demo button to show the differences in air flow that will happen as the temperature changes (you will see this by number of arrows next to the thermometer on the side of the house)
  • Move the temperature on the thermometer up and down – the air flow will change throughout the house as shown by the moving arrows and pop ups will explain what is happening with the system.

Sears HVAC Heating and Cooling  Accessories 

SEARS Thermostat Model #1F95-1291SE

12 Square-Inch Display Touchscreen Thermostats

Universal – Single Stage, Multi-Stage or Heat Pump Systems Offers Premium Comfort, Convenience, Performance and Visibility.



• Selectable programmable or non-programmable.

• Premium humidity control model – humidification and dehumidification.

• Remote sensing indoor or outdoor and at the thermostat.

• Automatic heat/cool changeover option.

• Programmable fan.

• Keypad lockout and setpoint temperature limit options.

• Automatic daylight savings option.

• Furnace filter change reminder.

• Humidifier pad change reminder.


SEARS Thermostat Model # 1F95EZ-0671SE

6 Square-Inch Display Easy Reader™ Thermostat.

Universal – Single Stage, Multi-Stage or Heat Pump Systems.



• Programmable (7 Day)

• Simple one-button, one-function operation.

• Large, easy-to-read character size.

• Temperature setpoint limits.


SEARS Thermostat Model # 1F85-0477SE

4 Square-Inch Display Thermostats.

Universal – Single Stage, Multi-Stage or Heat Pump Systems.



• Choice of programmable and non- programmable models.

• Adjustable setpoint temperature limits.

• Automatic heat/cool changeover option.

• Keypad lockout and setpoint temperature limit options.

• Air filter change indicator option.

• Dual powered – choice of hardwired (24V) or battery powered.

Infinity® Series Air Purifier

Our award-winning Infinity air purifier doesn't just filterair: Its Captures and Kills™ technology is unforgivingwhen it comes to airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and mold. Grizzly? Yes—if you’re a mold spore. This whole-house air cleaner also re-purifies circulated indoor air as many as 8 times an hour. Those poor pathogens don’t stand a chance.

Learn more about this air purifier >>



Schedule a free in-home demonstration today and our project consultant can help you further understand the benefits of these systems and which one is right in your area of the country and for your home.

Call now at @@DisplayNumber or complete the provided form on this page. One of our professional representatives will call you to schedule an appointment time convenient for you.

++ See the License Information for more details.
^ See Price Match for details.
^^ See Satisfaction Guarantee for details.
**2 Price may not be available in all areas.
*** Ask your Sears Specialist for written limited warranty details.
*1 Intuit Small Business
+ Financing may not be available in all areas. Subject to applicant creditworthiness.. 
*2 NC Alternative Energy Study
*Installation includes standard labor to existing ductwork,electric/gas lines also removal of old equipment. Excludes Permits, additional ductwork, electrical or codes upgrades and asbestos removal.

How much can you really save?

To find out the potential savings of installing a new unit from SEARS, click here for the AFUE savings calculator or click here for the SEER savings calculator.

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